1) кровь

Blood rushed to his head. — Кровь ударила ему в голову.

Your blood pressure is up. — У вас повышенное давление крови.

There was blood on his face. — У него на лице была кровь.

The war cost much blood. — Война стоила много жизней.

He was covered with blood. — Он был весь в крови.

- dark blood
- venous blood
- dried up blood
- fresh blood
- banked blood
- oxygenated blood
- blood pressure
- blood poisoning
- blood group
- blood vessel
- blood-groove flow
- blood bank
- blood drawing
- blood transfusion
- drop of blood
- trickle of blood
- circulation of the blood
- stains of blood
- sight of blood
- heavy loss of blood
- full of blood
- covered with blood
- eyes shot with blood
- blood of life
- person of hot blood
- wet with blood
- sweat and blood
- wipe blood from one's face
- have a blood count
- give a sample of blood for analysis
- check smb's blood for the virus
- take blood from one's finger
- splash oneself with blood
- splash smth with blood
- lose much blood
- beat smb up badly enough to draw blood
- stop the blood
- feel the taste of blood in one's mouth
- shed human blood
- stir smb's blood
- spit blood
- poison blood
- taste blood
- hurt one's knee drawing blood
- avenge the blood of one's father
- be out for smb's blood
- set one's blood hammering in one's temples
- give one's blood and life for the country
- have smb's blood on one's hands
- make smb's blood boil
- make smb's blood run cold
- make smb's blood freeze
- draw blood
- stain one's hands with blood
- dip one's hands in blood
- one's blood is up
- sight of blood makes smb sick
- blood is streaming down the face
- blood is dripping
- blood dries quickly
- blood is throbbing in smb's temples
- blood flows
- blood rushed into her cheeks
2) происхождение, род, родовитость; кровь как носитель наследственности

He is my flesh and blood. — Он мне родня

Blood is blood. — Своя рубаха ближе к телу. /Людская кровь не водица.

Blood is thicker than water. — Свой своему поневоле брат.

His words make one's blood freeze. — Кровь стынет в жилах от его слов.

The blood is fresh in his veins. /He has plenty of blood. — У него кровь играет

- blue blood
- high blood
- half-blood
- blood line
- blood brother
- blood relation
- blood feud
- call of blood
- man of noble blood
- horse of the purest Arab blood
- horse of full blood
- one's own flesh and blood
- in one's blood
- of royal blood
- be related by blood
- blood will tell

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